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Experience, you name it Paul has done it. Shows, Exhibitions, Seminars, and Workshops and of course salon based work.


For the last 35 years, Paul has been gaining ground and working as a hairdresser, at what some people may say is the sharp end of the hairdressing industry. As a Cheshire/Manchester based stylist, Paul feels that the time is right to unleash his talents around the area that he has grown to love and now sees as home ground.


Doing shows with big names in hairdressing such as Charles Worthington, Trevor Sorbie & Patrick Cameron, he has not only learned, but also shared his ideas and ambitions with the best there is. World-renowned companies all vie for his educational and seminar talents - Fudge, Joico, Nioxin, Clairol, Clynol and Shiseido amongst a few. So when it comes to technical abilities, not only hairdressers but also clients all share in the benefits of what to use, how to use it and the results that can be achieved and expected.

Paul is a very open minded person and with his experience, will advise and suggest, along with the client, on all aspects of hairdressing.


Does this guy ever rest? “Yeah that’s how I keep my waif like figure and boyish good looks” (Paul) and here he goes again!! Box time!! Not even a day off in over 12 months. What a hero! What a loony I say! But what the heck. The expected rush of clients in the last 15 years has taken Paul’s breath away.


Paul is no longer doing shows, seminars or workshops; he’s just too damn busy working and running the show at IceHouse. All he can say is THANK YOU GOD! (No, No That isn’t one of his clients, although it could well be if he ever gets back here).


Paul wants to sincerely thank everyone who has visited the IceHouse within the last 15 years. It has been you that have made the business a success.

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