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Well, whatcha know! Another day, another dolly.

How craaazzzzy is this? P.S.G paid a squillion quid for Neymar on an open transfer market. The Icehouse paid zilch and got someone of equal comparison in hairdressing and her Barnet’s cuter!!! Sorry, Da Silver boy!!!.



Welcome to Natalie, the Icehouse’s longest-serving recruit. She’s talented, funny; pretty and a great personality, just ask her!!! ‘Hey, you forgot to mention charismatic and modest’!! Sorry, Natalie, I’ll put that in later. Oh, I just have done…………….Whatever!!



Natalie loves children and her ambitions are world peace and………………..Hey enough already this ain’t miss world yer know!! Sorry ‘bout that just getting carried away again!! Get back to the storyline. OK, here we go…



Into sports, going to the gym and car cruisin’ (Don’t know what that is but it sounds kinda cool) ‘I thought you could get arrested for that’? (Paul). No that’s curb crawling you idiot. ‘Oops sorry!! But it involves cars doesn’t it’? Get back to work and stop interrupting. ‘Sorry ………again’



Natalie is a local girl who has never strayed far from home turf. Not only an extremely talented hairdresser but also very loyal to her throngs of clients. Hailing from what is at best known as………….er Stockport, Natalie has spent the last 14 years fine-tuning her talents at The IceHouse. Working her way up, through rigorous education and training to become one of the most sought-after stylists in the area.



Also big into supped up motors, alloys, spots and spoilers, oh yeah and hair in a big, big way. Talent abounds and so does she. Apparently loves biscuits as well. When she gets started on the hob nobs I’d rather try and steal the bone from next doors Rottweiler. It’s hard to cut hair with broken fingers!!

Oh, and did I mention charismatic and modest. OK, Natalie, I’ve said it. Now can you please let me outta this headlock.


Phew!! Thanks, I think I’m getting a migraine!!!

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